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Hello, sweety. Lots of spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched Doctor Who. You’ve been warned.

Nothing says true love like a showing a girl the year 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and watching her home planet explode right? That’s right: calling all Whovians! In the second show of Doctor Who – the more current one, not in black and white – we start out with a normal 19 year old girl living in England who has the same boring life everyone else does. Her name is Rose Tyler. Now THAT’S a protagonist waiting to happen. She works at a clothes company, and one day at work, mannequins start coming to life. Nobody notices because it’s only the dolls downstairs where Rose works, but it sure does freak her out! What else to go with it than a crazy man who carries around a plastic “screwdriver” and says things like, “Bananas are good! I invented them a century too early…” Long story short, Rose teams up with the madman who calls himself “the Doctor” and adventures begin from there! They travel to both future and past in his time machine called the TARDIS saving planets, starting paradoxes, and much, much more.

Then the Doctor changed. Not normal change, mind you, he literally had a different face and personality with the same memories. Turns out, this guy is better than the last one! The hair, the suit, the smile, the accent, AAAAHHHH HE’S AMAZING!! Rose agrees with me, too. She actually fell in love with him, even though he was what, 1,000 years old at the time? Give or take a few centuries. The Doctor’s feelings for Rose were mutual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more heartbreaking episodes of Doctor Who than when he’s about to die and is still too afraid to tell Rose he loves her. So many feels, man. Even when dangling from a rope and about to meet the devil himself, the Doctor can still only say, “Tell Rose, well, tell her………..nah. She knows.” Talk about frustrating!

Rose and the Tenth Doctor’s (or as I like to call them, “TenRose”) last adventure together just tore my heart out, smashed it to pieces, then sewed it together clumsily. In an epic battle against their two greatest foes, the Daleks and Cybermen, TenRose had a plan to suck the aliens back to the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey place they came from: The Void. An empty vacuum of nothingness. No up, down, light, dark, happiness, sadness, nothing. Any life that travels through time or across parallel dimensions goes through The Void. Basically, the Doctor’s plan was to talk all that “Void Stuff” they were covered in and suck it all back in. Unfortunately, Rose and the Doctor have both travelled through there, so they would be sucked in too. Never fear! This is not the end of the Doctor. He would risk sending Rose safely to a parallel dimension to which he could never see her again, and he would painfully make it through life without his love. Rose, however, had different plans. She would stay with the Doctor and stay safe thanks to cool alien technology. He reluctantly let her do this, which was a mistake. She stupidly allowed herself to be sucked into The Void and was saved last minute, allowing her to live forever in her parallel dimension.

TenRose became spilt apart and now everyone hates Stephen Moffat even more :((((((

Even when the Doctor burned up a sun just to say goodbye, he couldn’t bring himself to confess his love. “Rose Tyler, I…” vanish at unnecessary times. There, finished his sentence.

Two companions later, Ten is cruising through life a little less playfully and with a fake smile on his face. His new partner in crime is Donna Noble, and she’s so great. I love the little bundle of sass that she is. Rose enters her story, along with all of Ten’s gang. When successfully defeating an even bigger threat – King of the Daleks, Davros – with all of his friends, he dropped all of them off at their homes. In the crisis of the whole “Davros” threat made the Doctor to grow a new, well, him. So there’s now Ten and TenTwo, the latter having a human life span. The last person to drop off (besides Donna, which is a whole other tear fest) is Rose. They travel to her parallel dimension and are just about to wave goodbye, when the problem of where to keep TenTwo arrives. He ends up staying with Rose in an epic make-out scene, and their love continues to this day.

In a way, it isn’t as satisfying for TenTwo to be with Rose. Yes, I’m happy that she at last found her love, but TenTwo wasn’t the same guy as Ten. She knew Ten for years, whereas TenTwo and Rose only had one adventure together. Quite a bittersweet moment.

Well, that’s about it. Gotta love love. Especially love with aliens.

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