04 Dec

Keep it Real

I’m sure you’ve all been eagerly waiting for me to post on this blog…all two of you who read it. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Life has been busy.  My class load is crazy and I’m trying to find a little time to take care of myself too.  (Lap swimming everyday!) Plus, I’m obviously still geeking-out at all the amazing things out there right now.  Hello Stranger Things…I’m talking to you.  Can we say “all nighter” when season 2 came out?  Ahhhhhh. Are you team Jonathan or team Steve?  I’d have to say I’m still team Johathan, but I LOVE Daddy Steve.  Just not with Nancy.

And Thor with short hair or long?  What do you think?  And did Loki seem to be hotter in “Ragnarok” than in the previous films or is it just me? And can I just say that we’re having a serious Star Wars marathon over here to get ready for “The Last Jedi”.  Woot-woot!

While I love all of these glorious sci-fi and fantasy things and they are great escapes for a bit, they aren’t real. We all know that.  We live in the real world, and we have to learn to be a part of the real world with school and work and friends and everything.  We have responsibilities and joys in this life.  I recently had a friend who’s little brother hated this life so much, that he started seeking escapes in more ways that just light-hearted, fun entertainment.  He started really destroying his life through drug use.  He became more secluded and depressed and volatile. Trying bigger, and harder, and worse things.  My heart is aching for their family.  They have a long road ahead of them.  But they can make it through together.  I plead with you all to know the signs of teenage drug use.  Get the help you need.  It is available and out there.  Keep your great escapes safe.

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